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Upcoming Events

Apri 5th – Chill Carnival Style Event 2018

Apri 5th – Chill Carnival Style Event 2018

Chill Carnival Style 2018


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Definition of CHILL Event. #chill #chillevents

Definition of CHILL Event. #chill #chillevents

“CHILL” , dictionary meaning- “to make someone cold”, Island meaning, “to make someone hot”. The Sunday before Memorial Day, May 28th at Youngs’ Circle in Hollywood was a ” big, big” party of over 5000 strong. Beautiful ...


June 12th, 2017

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#ChillJamaica #TrulyAPartyLikeNoOther

18 & Older to Party!!
Please drink responsibly!!!

BFF Package $18k = 3 girlfriends 1 Price ~~~~~~~~~
Celebrate Christmas with 2 of your best girlfriends 🙌🏽 Bff Package special will end Dec 10th, 2017
SundayDecember 24, 2017
Xmas Eve
18k BFF Package (Women only) $7000 Early birds $8000 Presold
BFF Package and Early Bird Tickets will out thisFridayNovember 24th, 2017
Chill Ja. Ticket Outlets
Outlets :
The Pub @ Mayfair 926-1612
Candy craze (manor park) 924-4881
Fromage (hillcrest ave) 622-9856
Fromage (marketplace)
Pinglinks (south ave) 425-8529
Johncrows Tavern (Ocho Rios) 974-5895
Pier One (Montego Bay) 952-2452

Online tickets

Chill Jamaica Ambassadors list
Ticket Ambassadors
Joni Mckenzie @macmovado
Joanna Harper @msjoharper
Bright Watson @unklebri
Brittany Roberts @britt.ar
Desi Wilmot @desi_wil
RAQUEL Collins
Aaron Kaboom @aaron_kaboom
Tonisha Stanley @tonistan
HowieMckintosh(the Pub)@howiemcintosh
Melissa Wilson
Mark Lalor